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#mynextphone, mate 9 My current brand/model #infinixNote2 My wish phone brand/ model #HuaweiMate 9 #HuaweiMate 9 worth companion, every moment worth capturing, huge ram and internal Storage with 4000mh battery and wide screen for best experience gaming ......etc

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Omar Abdelaziz

Rank: 1

Points: 1403

Brand Name: Apple

Model Number: Iphone 7 Plus

Remarks: Amazing phone with beautiful design, camera, processor. i like it so much beside that my phone is a...


Benson Njuguna

Rank: 2

Points: 1002

Brand Name: Sony

Model Number: Xperia Z5 Premium.

Remarks: I am really addicted to taking photos. I take photos of nature, landscape, selfies and photos of eve...


Stephanie Ngozichukw

Rank: 3

Points: 688

Brand Name: Samsung

Model Number: Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge 32GB

Remarks: Great picture quality, sleek design and hey,it'sTHE Samsung brand I've been desiring. Also,I do need...


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